The Olaf Mystery [Tales From the Magellanverse]

Page 6 - Powers Show & Tell!
Dead rat is now undead rat....
The Olaf Mystery
Grace: I had heaps of fun with this page. It can be time consuming to draw a lot of faces and figures in a single panel so I try to at least make it fun to do it. What I also liked about this scene was that, just like the reprise of The Gaunlet/Leap in previous pages, this sequence references a one off gag sequence from the Olga & Brelvis comic (see page 9) – “Powers Show & Tell”. Also, the teacher – Mr Putty – who has been around in the background almost since Magellan started, gets a moment in the sun! But boy, does he look bored!!

VileTerror: I really like how this page turned out. Grace has some fine talents for characterization, and we get to see a lot about some of the first-years. And “Mr Putty” is definitely starting to become my favourite teacher. There’s something about his expressions and the way he speaks which tell me that there’s a story there. Maybe it’ll be a kind of “ho-hum” story, compared to the “SUPER AMAZING” world that the Magellanverse is; but “ho-hum” can still be interesting (and funny) when the rest of the setting contrasts such themes.



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