The Olaf Mystery [Tales From the Magellanverse]

Page 12: Pre-batwing helmet Lord Psiot...
...still looks kinda creepy.
The Olaf Mystery
Grace: When VileTerror originally raised this story concept I imagined Yasmeen, fellow first year cadet (and witch) as the likely author. Although VileTerror wrote the story with no author of the journal being identified I put foreard a case for inclusion (of not just an identified author, but also that the author be Yasmeen) because I felt this page in particular would benefit strongly from seeing her interact with Olaf, albeit in the background.

One other note, you might be wondering why I am using an old version of Lord Psiot rather than the one that has been seen in the current chapter of Magellan (bat wing helmet). The simple answer is that these events of this story take place before the events of Lock(e)down and Psiot only took on his new look the day the poop hit the fan in that story. So yeah, had to be careful of my continuity!

VileTerror: So. Yasmeen Jafari. Overly paranoid? A dupe in someone else’s scheme? Actually on to something? THESE questions will NOT be
answered any time soon.

Remember when I said the original script had it that not even I (the author of said script) would know who the journal’s author was? Well, this page and the next are the reason why that was changed.

However, to keep the mystery alive, a cohort was established.  Only Grace might know who that is.  I’ve got plenty of theories (which I already shared with Grace), but we may never know…

Dun dun DUUUNNN!!!



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