The Olaf Mystery [Tales From the Magellanverse]

Page 13: That's right...
Olaf also has glowy torch eyes! Handy if you lose something at night...
The Olaf Mystery
Grace: I'd like to thank VileTerror very much for coming up with this engrossing little story, and for being cool enough with me adding my own spin in certain parts! I had fun working on it and hope you did reading it!

And so we come to the end of this short story, and like most short stories, it raises more questions than it answers. Is this the END end? I can’t say for now, but VileTerror has certainly sown the seeds for future revelations around Olaf-of-the-large-cranium.

VileTerror: …and there we have it.  Olaf (and the little undead mouse minion) seem unimpressed with the “paranoid ramblings” of Yasmeen.

Not so unimpressed as to actually retaliate, or even bring this to the attention of any of the faculty.  Just unimpressed enough to throw the journal in the trash and move on with “his life.” *

Or maybe Olaf’s just biding time . . . until . . . something! Maybe revenge has already been taken, and Yasmeen doesn’t even realize it!

I hope that you have all enjoyed this short story, and that you are all now cooking up exciting stories for other delta- or epsilon-class characters!  Let’s throw the Master Assassin off his path to realize that Kaycee’s the Alpha character by making a bunch of
other background characters more interesting than they were before!

(Just go easy on Grace.  It might be better to give your ideas the full illustrative treatment and offer them as fanart.)

*NOTE:  Neither “his” nor “life” are technically accurate in this context.



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