Charisma seems to be having a rough time of it! For mind-meld highlights see here and here!

For those needing a refresh, Kaycee and Charisma’s “feud” (really just Charisma’s animosity towards Kaycee) goes way, way, waaay back. Sample this moment from Chapter 1, or here and here from Chapter 2… you get the gist! Anyway, in regards to this particular story, go no further than here… or here… or hereetc!

As for the three cadets from the mind meld who are “in love with Kaycee”, there are two obvious(?) candidates (can you guess who?), but who is the third?

To people only just joining the comic, I’m sure all this makes zero sense… sorry, we’re right at the end of a very loooong chapter – maybe start here instead!

Next update: Sunday January 8, 2018: Epilogue 1 continues… Olga vs Year 1…

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