Gola/Olga resurfaced here, when she bumped into Kaycee… and then she crossed paths with Vlax again here

A bit of history for those who have just arrived… Olga Beh, the first year cadet you see before you, was once Gola Beh… an octogenarian former super hero. She first tangled with Vlax back in the 1950s and during the events of Bad Karma lost all of her memory from 1972 onwards. During a visit to Magellan USA last year she was unsuccessful in restoring her memory but in an unrelated incident was transformed into a 15/16 year old with the memories of a 30+ year old. Deciding to retire her former life, Gola chose a new identity as Olga – “a grand niece” – joined Magellan Academy to get a refresher.

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