So, a bit of time since my last entry! The move went well and for a brief moment the xmung caboose was running along nicely, until a wheel or two fell off and I realised how over the top busy I was. Hiatuses (hiatii?) were had all around, the stress factor has abated and I feel reasonably normal again.

I do want to continue with this blog (I got it, might as well use it!). What’s more I want it to be a record (in brief not in detail) of anything particular that I might be working on at any given time, and updated at least once a week (haha!).


  • working to finish of the current chapter (#3 – Daze). Looks like it will go to 42 pages in total, a few more than I anticipated – but required to ensure I don’t rush the ending. It’s gonna be a shocker – maybe, not quite what everyone thinks either…
  • working on the next chapter (#4 – Fractures) – the story is plotted and the first 12 pages written… you’d think I’d have more of it done at this stage given that it’s going to kick off in a few weeks!
  • “Magellan ++” is the new working title for my side-project in Magellan with short stories (up to 30 pages) spotlighting the various characters and history of this vast universe. Currently have numerous plot outlines but no scripts, which I’m really going to need soon if I want other people to be drawing them.
  • Site update – I’ve been totally slack in updating things like the Cast and Magellan History section of the site. Am slowly trying to rectify this. I have more accomplished offline awaiting an upload.