The Olaf MysteryNow that The Olaf Mystery has come to an end, I’ve gathered the cover and all 13 pages in one place for you to read.

Thank you if you were one of the hundreds of people who voted for Magellan over the past 14 weeks. Your vote really helped to bump Magellan up the list of Top Webcomics – for much of the time Magellan was in the top 40-60 comics… a very awesome achievement.

And many thanks to VileTerror for coming up with this great story and working with me on its production! I had fun creating it and hope you did reading it!

That’s it for the voting incentives for the moment… but I am currently working on a new story called The Streaker Synergy… featuring a certain speedster or two or twenty. I’m hoping to debut it in early February 2017.

In the meantime, read the collected The Olaf Mystery… here!