The Olaf Mystery gets underway in earnest today! So just who or what is Olaf? VileTerror has brought a very interesting concept to this otherwise random background character. In depicting Olaf for this story I chose to make the character always float an inch or two above the ground which just helped to add an extra layer of weird/creepy.

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And a word from VileTerror: Some of you may be curious about who the author of this “book” is. Well… that’s kind of the whole point of this story!  In fact, originally in the first draft of the script, the author was never meant to be revealed at all.  Even I was going to keep myself in the dark, allowing Grace to decide who the author of the journal was, and whether or not to reveal it some day. However, Grace convinced me that revealing the author was important.  It will take some time before we reach that reveal, though.  So it gives all of you readers out there plenty of opportunities to propose your guesses and explain your theories.  The only hint you’ll get for now is the one given in the first quarter of this page.  Good luck in sleuthing out the mystery!