The Olaf Mystery continues – page 11!

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So our mystery author is revealed – you may recognise them from the Olga & Brelvis comics. I won’t say more until next week…

And a word from VileTerror (SPOILERS AHEAD!):  Five Groovyberries to each of you who guessed our mystery author correctly!

Interestingly, it looks like Yasmeen can be fairly civil with Olga.  Does this mean the witch is relatively capable of suppressing
her thoughts well enough to keep them from Olga’s prying third-eye?

OR is it just that Olga’s so upset from Matt’s behaviour that our telepath is having some difficulty realizing what’s actually on Yasmeen’s mind?

Questions for another time, and maybe another short-story!  Or maybe even the main storyline.

More pressing:  Does anyone recognize that “soul sphere” which Yasmeen is researching, OTHER than Olaf’s head-line pattern?  We’ve got a look at such an object once before, although not in the story itself…