The Olaf Mystery continues… page 2!

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As VileTerror notes below, I made a change to the way this scene starts out… it might be seen as “knowing my characters” but to be honest I’d never considered this manifestation of Svetty’s “bug control” powers until I started working on page two of this story. “Who is Svetty?” you may ask… she was first introduced here.

Competition! Congratulations to Ben for winning last week’s round in the Olglaf Mystery competition. If you missed out last week there’s still a chance to win some some Magellan books this week! Full deets here.

And a word from VileTerror: The original version of the script for this portion of the story was largely unchanged, but significantly different in one way:  I had Svetty deathly afraid of heights.  Naturally, Grace knows her
characters better than I do, and instead of my version of Svetlana, you get to see the confident and capable young cadet in the way she was meant to be shown.