The Olaf Mystery continues – page 4!

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Following her accident during training things do not look good for Svetty.

Competition! Congratulations to Juan for winning last week’s round in the Olaf Mystery competition. If you missed out last week there’s still a chance to win some some Magellan books this week! Full deets here.

And a word from VileTerror: (better read the comic first, spoilers ahead!!) Since this page turned out almost exactly as I had originally scripted it, I think now might be a good time to further expand on the earlier changes: I had originally written Svetlana’s fall as having been caused by her fear of heights resulting in her foolishly closing her eyes while running to make the jump over The Leap. Really, though, that didn’t make sense.

As Grace explained it to me, Svetty should be capable, or at least have the self-confidence that she will be capable enough. To make it in to Magellan in the first place, cadets have to be something special. If their powers aren’t on the “Amazing” tier, then their courage and determination better-well be. Svetlana’s power isn’t the
most exceptional we’ve seen, so it stands to reason that she should be cadet-material for other reasons.

Oh. By the way: Svetty really IS dead. Being a cadet in Magellan is dangerous, even without the threat of time travelers/dimension-hoppers, alien parasites, or super-powered bullies. I don’t mean to sound cavalier, but I feel it important to stress that death can be sudden and unexpected, even in a world like Magellan’s.