The Olaf Mystery continues – page 6!

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I had heaps of fun with this page. It can be time consuming to draw a lot of faces and figures in a single panel so I try to at least make it fun to do it. What I also liked about this scene was that, just like the reprise of The Gaunlet/Leap in previous pages, this sequence references a one off gag sequence from the Olga & Brelvis comic (see page 9) – “Powers Show & Tell”. Also, the teacher – Mr Putty – who has been around in the background almost since Magellan started, gets a moment in the sun! But boy, does he look bored!!

Competition! Congratulations to Dean for winning last week’s round in the Olaf Mystery competition. If you missed out last week there’s still a chance to win some some Magellan books this week! Full deets here.

And a word from VileTerror:  I really like how this page turned out.  Grace has some fine talents for characterization, and we get to see a lot about some of the first-years.  And “Mr Putty” is definitely starting to become my favourite teacher.  There’s something about his expressions and the way he speaks which tell me that there’s a story there.  Maybe it’ll be a kind of “ho-hum” story, compared to the “SUPER AMAZING” world that the Magellanverse is; but “ho-hum” can still be interesting (and funny) when the rest of the setting contrasts such themes.