The Olaf Mystery continues – page 7!

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As we get to the half way point of our story… the mystery thickens!! Svetty’s bug love heart is one of those weird visual inspirations that I can sometimes get out of nowhere. It’s one of the reasons I love drawing comics so much!! 🙂

Competition! Congratulations to Katya for winning last week’s round in the Olaf Mystery competition. If you missed out last week there’s still a chance to win some some Magellan books this week! Full deets here.

And a word from VileTerror:  Poor Svetty.
. . .
I know this isn’t much of a commentary, but she’s such a sweet, cute, and innocent heroine-in-training.  It makes me feel a bit evil for having put her in to this story the way that I have.  Such an adorable young lady.  Such a painfully one-sided relationship.
Although, it’s not as painful as the one we’ll be getting a look at in the next page .
. . .