The First Year cadets were previously seen wandering around the sewers on page 6.83. We have seen little of Olga and Brelvis’ team mates this chapter but you can see them on pages 6.29 and 6.31 (the latter of those features cadets Maria Ponti and Sun Moon who also appear in this update). If you’re feeling like getting to know the freshers a little better I strongly suggest checking out the Olga & Brelvis mini-series! So as we heard a few pages back word of Vertigo being shot had made it out via the reporters on Locke Island before everyone dropped… it seemed natural for that information to spread around the world and back into Magellan by all media channels.

As for the notion that Locke Island could move, that was first noted on page 6.50 and we also got a tour of the Bridge starting from page 6.56. An ‘island’ that moves… how could I not want to try and ram it into Magellan Academy!? 😀

For those that came in late – here is the shooting of Vertigo.