Forgot the text… that was a bit stooopid of me, wasn’t it?!

Evil Weevil has been seen and mentioned quite a lot throughout the course of Magellan… in fact he was originally seen as Brian (before he became Brelvis) fantasised about saving Kaycee from the Evil Weevil. We haven’t seen a specific origin for Evil Weevil but it is claimed he was originally a scientist who accidentally introduced weevil DNA into his own – the changes to his physiology sent him mad and made him hell bent on destroying humanity. You may also know he was responsible for an attack on a mall that killed Montana-Rose’s aunty (Rosie also witnessed the attack when she was much younger).

Kaycee… if you don’t know who she is this is probably your first time reading Magellan! No powers but accepted into Magellan Academy for super hero training none the less, she has to try ten times harder to get one tenth the respect… but that hasn’t stopped her.

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