So today we pick up a couple of threads that have surfaced previously – you will hopefully be familiar with Gifford’s story Reckless Hero (written by me and drawn by JFP)… where he last saw Jin as he was charging a pack of murderous Rolf. Elements of Jenna’s background were teased out in Chapter 5 – most notably on page 5.134, but this is the first time we’ve seen her sisters or known their names. As for Fatima, we’ve known she comes from Pher’Nos (mentioned on page 5.28 and elsewhere) but the circumstances of her being on land amongst the ‘dryskin’ ( a phrase she first used waaaay back on page 1.45) have not been discussed before. Large elements of her past were once revealed in an very old (now unofficial) cast page which correlate with her comments above. What relevance does anything in today’s update have to do with the story at large? Stay tuned!