It’s back to Epoch, Twilight, Go!Anna and Vostok as they wrestle with the ethics or otherwise of saving Vertigo/Kendra – who is lying on a floor in a court house bleeding out – in the process of everything else they’re trying to do to put an end to the chaos unfolding around them.

Epoch, Vertigo and Hoodoo are members of Force Magellan – as you may remember Vertigo is lying in a court house bleeding out following a Character Assassin attack (see here); Hoodoo is indeed preggers (see here).

I should add, for anyone who is curious, Epoch being in Force Magellan doesn’t give him seniority over Twilight (from Magellan USA), or for that matter Go!Anna (unaffiliated).

This is not the first time reference to Vostok and the accidental death of an astronaut has been made (see here) although this is the first time we see Vostok’s “version” of events.

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