Holy Too Many Pages, Batman… this story just hit 300 pages (!!!) which ties with Bad Karma the previous title holder for longest story I’ve ever told. This one is going to trump beat that by at least another 30 or so (one of the reasons I’ve moved hell and high water to pump up the update schedule). Woo, 300 pages! When I was about half as old as I am now I’d be lucky if I could produce 3 consecutive pages in a row before losing interest.

So we have quite a few villain featured on this page… some of them you’ll be more familiar with than others. Top panel – Assault & Battery, Poison Poet, Vanishing Vanessa, Sista Superior, Fireball, Evil Weevil; second panel – Professor Spongeface, Brainspike; third panel – Vlax, Clobber, Anti-President, Bunyip. And of course (voice of) DRAGONKLAW who, if you’re across the events of Bad Karma really hates Kaycee.

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