Time is relative!Here’s a bit of an update on progress with the current story… and beyond!

It’s been going for ages (“dragging on” some might say) but the current story – Lock(e)down – is slowly reaching its end point. I would like to say I’ll have it wrapped at 300 pages but that might be optimistic. 310-320 pages more likely, especially if I want to give it a well paced and resolved climax and epilogue. If I could get myself back to twice a week updates (or even thrice, remember those days?!?) then it would all be over in a mere ten weeks or so; but given my other distractions and commitments and employment at the moment one update a week is about the best I can realistically do. So I’ll keep plugging away, a week at a time and that will get us over the finish line… eventually.

The good news, I hope, is that I still have Magellan stories I want to tell. Lots of them! My mind is busily constructing elements of the next major chapter and I have lots of shorter stories (20-30 pages) I’d love to tell… either by way or the main site or as weekly updates.

I know it might look like I’m phoning the updates in sometimes but I just wanted you all to know there’s still considerable enthusiasm for Magellan in my foreseeable creative future.