Update schedule: There’s an additional update this week! I’m hoping to finish Things That Matter during March, so I need to up the output if that is to happen. Also, expecting to restart Legacy updates from February 1. It’s nice to have the time and energy and focus to get back into this for a while.

Anaphylaxis: Thanks to readers who pointed out the typo in the last update. It was a word I checked beforehand, but for some reason still misspelled! Corrected now.

Bugle: Introduced several pages ago… this powerful, sewer living telepath loves his comics; as we first learned way back in 3.13! Max (TV From Another Planet) is the name of a sci-fi comic I was working on over ten years ago.

Next update: Wednesday January 23, 2019: Dianne…

Legacy: Voting gives you access to the current page, previous pages (via bit.ly links), raises Magellan’s profile and hopefully scores us a few more readers (oh, and BTW, pages might contain nudity!).