This is the third time we’ve been inside Tom and Freya’s bathroom… a favorite setting apparently! As this scene is essentially all exposition I pondered where I would set it and what Freya and Tom might be engaged in doing. Originally I had considered the breakfast table but that felt a bit dull plus I also wanted to impart a sense of the closeness between these two. We’ve seen them being intimate before (4.42) and I wanted to reinforce that element of their relationship here. Anyway, as to the issues being discussed… yes, Vostok! Long time readers may no doubt remember this alien space cucumber, but if you need a refresher you might want to check out pages 4.121, 4.200, 4.206, 4.244 , 4.286 annnnd 4.295. So will we see Vostok in this chapter? Stay tuned! As regards talk of Mudge Wilson’s alternative future self Psi-Jector, you should check out page 4.242 for an example of his greatest heroics!