You may remember Rochelle’s father who made a couple of brief appearances during her feature story with Mindmistress – Buying the Stairway to Heaven – see pages 1 and 24. It would seem Kaycee remembers! When Kaycee refers to being an octomaid she is, of course, referencing her recent jaunt through Fatima’s subconscious starting at page 6.99

Dr Sooky & Otto

Dr Spooky & Otto: Part 33 is now available – The mayhem continues… plus another cameo by two Magellan USA members, To see it all you have to do is vote for Magellan over at Top Webcomics. More than a simple vote incentive reward, this is a fun adventure too! Regular voting (daily, weekly, your choice) helps to push Magellan up the list and gives the comic more exposure to new readers… vote now! Many thanks for your vote. Missed parts 1-28? See here

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