The Olaf MysteryThe keen readers among you may remember there was a whole bunch of new first cadets introduced through the Olga & Brelvis mini strips series a few years back. Several of them got feature roles, some of them got a special one page intro… the remainders got a one panel first name intro in the very last panel of the last page.

Other than Olga and Brelvis, some have gone on to feature in a significant way in the current Lock(e)down story… see Sun, J.J. and Isina strut their stuff on the sequence of pages starting here.

One character who hasn’t had the spotlight turned on them is the mysterious Olaf. Who or what is Olaf? What are their powers? Why the big head? Just why are they at Magellan Academy?? Introduced in that last panel splash, Olaf has remained very much below the radar… until now. Olaf has caught the attention of a fellow cadet who is looking to get to the bottom of the Olaf mystery.

With a short story written by long time reader VileTerror, with art by myself, The Olaf Mystery is starting very soon and will update weekly as a voting incentive.

Stay tuned. Stay very tuned.