Cheers!Probably shouldn’t be celebrating too much in case I jinx it, but this feels like it call for a bit of the old rah-rah. After a couple of seemingly interminable months (for me, and no doubt you too, dear reader) I have finally uploaded the bulk of content.

The good news is that it means I’m up to date with updates for the current story… and there will be another new page in a short while so I can test the auto-update function.

I’ll get to these but feel there is less urgency, but still need to add:

  • Gifford’s Story
  • Rochelle/Mindmistress’ Story
  • Several of the older vote incentives
  • Some general pages

Seperate major undertakings:

  • Locate and add old commentary. This exists in the backup, somewhere, just haven’t figured out how to extract it.
  • Locate and add old readers’ comments – I hope this is doable… just not sure how yet. If I can, I will.
  • Sort out the 500 and slow loading issues. My webhost claims to have made some changes to help with loading. I’ve still encountered a few 500 problems but not as many as last month, please let me know if they persist.

Anyway, yay! Progress!

New update coming… Sunday July 14 (around 10am Sydney EST)