Noel CrowleyIt is with much sadness that I advise that my father, Noel, passed away last Sunday. As many readers would have known via my notes with recent Magellan updates, he hasn’t been well for a couple of months.

He had a form of cancer that was both fast acting and aggressive. We learned of his condition not that long ago, and within eight weeks he succumbed to the damage it was wreaking inside his brain and elsewhere. He was a great father and I am so sad he has passed.

The funeral was yesterday, and I believe we gave the old man a really nice send off and honoured his legacy well. Prior to his retirement, he worked in banking – an industry which I know these days is rightfully maligned for its practices – but he was certainly never part of that; moreover he was greatly involved in volunteering for the community, during both his working life and even more so in retirement.

Goodbye, Dad, I love you and I miss you.

As my brother and I are will executors I’ll be a bit involved in other duties for some weeks to come, so I will be taking a short break from producing Magellan updates, I am however crafting the next story and the next voting incentive… both will be pretty awesome (I hope!). More news soon.