Yes, I am serious, Bruce!!

We’ve seen these characters once before, in Bad Karma.

Hi folks! Thank you so much for your kind wishes on the passing of my father. It has been a difficult and sad time, but things feel like they are slowly returning to the “new normal”.

Just an update on creative endeavours. I have been working on the next Magellan story… name to be revealed soon… and currently have ten pages fully drafted and another 15 or so roughly scripted – a draft panel from page one, above. It will be taking place in Kaycee’s third year at the Academy and I’m pretty excited by some of the crazy shit I’m brining to this particular tale… (spoiler hint… aliens)! More news on likely start date in about two weeks.

By the way, I am also working on a new voting incentive story (more on that soon too) and also on restoring the sections of the site during The Great Meltdown of 2019… including an updated cast page.