Magellan Alum

Here’s most of the characters who have graduated from Magellan Academy prior to the “current year” and who have been seen thus far… there would be many others of course!

While working on the seemingly impossible to fully update Cast Page (it’s almost there, honest!) I got to thinking about the older, non-cadet characters who were also listed as having completed a cadetship at Magellan Academy. Most of the ones we’ve seen so far are current heroes or faculty. When I was originally putting the cast page together I admit that I was sometimes a bit arbitrary about the years those characters were cadets, and that has landed me in some continuity conundrums here and there which I need to fix. Anyway, I got to thinking about which former cadets were in the same year and compiled a list. This will come in handy for an upcoming voting incentives story featuring Epoch… if it interests you, read on…!

Some of the names may not be familiar, but these characters have all been seen in speaking roles, no matter how briefly, over the previous many, many pages… when I get the cast page back online (sometime in the next two weeks, I promise) it should make identification easier. Note: the earlier years had fewer cadet intakes; missing years don’t indicate no graduates, just that none have featured thus far, most classes listed below will have had more graduates than those listed!

CLASS 1982

  • Janje Ruff (Cyberia) [Council]

CLASS 1984

  • Lord Psiot VIII (Infin8) [Faculty/Council]

CLASS 1986

  • Meeka Chi (Micra) [Faculty]
  • June McKinnon (Drop-Bear) [Oz Magellan/solo agent]
  • Vlad Epoch (Epoch) [Force Magellan]

CLASS 1987

  • Carter Conroy (Slow-Mo) [Oz Magellan]

CLASS 1989

  • Dr Ben Fedder [Faculty]

CLASS 1991

  • Jaqi Leffee [Faculty]
  • Kendra Dern (Vertigo) [Force Magellan – hiatus]
  • Gunther Horsley (Dr Spooky) [Magellan USA (NY) – reservist)

CLASS 1992

  • Justine Keff (Redd) [Faculty]

CLASS 1994

  • Tom Bass (ThundaKlap) [Faculty/Security]
  • Sebastian Marx (Red Centre) [Oz Magellan – locum Team Brazillan]
  • Steve Lumpkin (Greyhound) [Magellan USA (NY)]

CLASS 1995

  • Xian-Li Jiang (Hoodoo) [Force Magellan – maternity leave]

CLASS 1996

  • Zeus Dimas (The Hierophant) [Force Magellan]

CLASS 1997

  • Joe Mack (Liberator) [Magellan USA (NY)]

CLASS 2000

  • Jake Smith-Smith (Ranger Bill) [Force Magellan]

CLASS 2001

  • Vicky Bourke (Captain Victoria) [Oz Magellan – hiatus]
  • Turquoise Moon (Twilight) [Magellan USA (NY)]
  • Olaf Gerning (Maestro) [Magellan USA (NY)]
  • Luke McDonald (Wombat-Man) [expelled – solo vigilante]

CLASS 2002

  • Freya Foster (Vybe) [faculty]
  • Annie Summers (Go!Anna) [solo agent/faculty/Force Magellan]
  • Gary Wang (The Man Who Can) [Oz Magellan]

CLASS 2004

  • Jacob Twain (Good Guy) [Oz Magellan]
  • Mikey Eastwood (Battlestar) [Magellan USA (NY)]

CLASS 2006

  • Wo678 (Glom) [Magellan USA (NY)]

CLASS 2008

  • Carol Grace (FlambĆ©) [Magellan USA (NY)]

CLASS 2009

  • Phyllis Sanderson (Tassie Tigress) [Oz Magellan]

CLASS 2010

  • Bif Zots (Phase Master) [Magellan USA (LA)]
  • Lin-Lin Lo (Hidden Dragon) [Oz Magellan]

CLASS 2011

  • Judith Stokes (Punchin’ Judy) [TBA]
  • Rueben Elias (ParadoxiMan) [TBA]