Parargdox starts January 2020

Beatrix Grainger and Bruce-93 now having a colourful bad day in Bad Karma.

Lo, there was much rejoicing because I finally have a buffer of completed pages! Admittedly it’s only two pages, and one of those is the cover… but I’m rejoicing. With some luck, I’ll have a few more pages in the buffer by the time the next Magellan chapter kicks off which will be Wednesday January 22, 2020. I’m very excited about this story and am planning on updating twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays. With over 80 pages already drafted, I’m really hoping to keep to schedule providing there are no catastrophes.

I am also working on an incentive story, and it is pretty epic! While production is quite advanced (20 pages drafted) I want to spend a bit more time on it – to make it double-plus awesome – before I kick it off… so it’ll probably start from March 1.