Families 01The first page of a new voting incentive storyline Families/Cемьи is now available! It’s something I’ve been working with – off and on, mostly off – over the last seven or so years. And now it is finally seeing light of day! An origin story for Red Vlad and Comrade Katya… the Russian Soviet superheroes who we’ve only ever previously seen in one very tragic panel

Despite their seemingly minor cameo to date, they do play a major role in the Magellanverse… and this is their story!

So yes, this is a voting incentive which I will be serialising weekly over on Top Webcomics. I find these extras – apart from being a great opportunity for me to explore other corners of the Magellan sandbox – do help to raise readership of the comic so your vote would not only raise awareness of Magellan but would also be massively appreciated!

New update next Saturday… Red Fever!