Families/Cемьи 05The fifth page of a new voting incentive storyline Families/Cемьи is now available!

Schedule?  In case you’re wondering, I’m doing four weekly updates of this story per month, with the first update of each month timed to resynchronise with Top Webcomics monthly reset.

SPOILERS AHEADread the update first before reading what I’ve written below.

Breach of protocol: We’re moving through events fairly quickly with this story, a lot of time will usually pass between most pages (if not panels!). Well, we saw the “break in protocol” on the previous page… and here is the result – SUPER BABY!! Maybe.

I was wondering if an invulnerable person like Katya would feel pain and/or bleed due to giving birth… and decided YES!! As for the titanium bolt cutters (with diamond edged, razor sharp blades)… how else would you cut an umbilical cord??

By voting you not only get a new page of this story (and access to past pages) but you help raise Magellan’s profile and help potential new readers find us. Once you’re through you’ll also get links to previous pages.

Next update: Wednesday April 8… Red Vlad makes threats!