Families/Cемьи 10The tenth page of a new voting incentive storyline Families/Cемьи is now available! And so is a link to all the previous pages – I’ve now started to collect previous pages into the usual easy to navigate and read format.

SPOILERS AHEADread the update first before reading what I’ve written below.

The Kremlin is not happy: Do I know what a real Politburo meeting in the late 1960s looked like? Nope. This is how I imagine it looked in the Magellanverse though!! There’s a significant point of note… their intention to look at the supernatural world for “loyal” weapons.

And also, as if it wasn’t already pretty obvious, the whole “we can get rid of your powers with a push of the button” thing is totally a scam!

Next update: Friday May 15… Abbadonauts!