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SPOILERS AHEADread the update first before reading what I’ve written below.

Abaddonauts!: Many readers might have been expecting this moment. Well, I aim to please!

This page is a call back to a lot of Magellan lore:

  • The Charnel Pit Six – this group was mentioned a couple of times in relation to the Q’Arth demon invasion of Moscow in 1972… very early on in the first chapter in fact. See pages 1.03 and 1.25… the fact that Brian and Nadine both know about the CP6 means that this is presumably common knowledge or mythos about the Q’Arth. They are also mentioned in the History (page 3)…
  • The Vrax Darma – was mentioned by Maverick in Bad Karma on page 4.282… it’s half of the Vortice Sol (the other half piece being the Vrax Japh). Maverick mentions that the Vortice Sol opens the gateway to the realm where the Q’Arth exist… clearly the Vrax Darma by itself can do that too, but not in the way intended.
  • Reds on Mars – we know there is a Soviet base on Mars… but did we know they had a presence back in 1972? No, we did not, but we do now. Surprisingly, it will get mentioned further on a much later page.
  • Abaddonauts – not mentioned anywhere previously. But I thought it was a cool name… a counter to ‘cosmonaut’ – but instead of ‘star sailors’ these are ‘hell sailors’. Or would have been had they not just been vaporised in a puff of green plasma.
  • HRUAAIII! – is this how you spell the Wilhelm Scream?

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