Buying the Stairway to Heaven onlineJust a quick post to let you know I have finally (FINALLY) gotten around to re-uploading Buying the Stairway to Heaven which, like all the other pages, went offline following the site crash of 2019.

Long time readers will be familiar with this short crossover story, which originally ran in 2009 (yes, hard to believe). The story teams up Cadet Rochelle Kwan and Al Schroeder’s Mindmistress – with the story written between us from an idea by Al, and drawn by me. Both Rochelle and Mindmistress are the brainiest people in their respective comics, although MM surpasses Rochelle and visits the MagellanVerse as an “adjunct trainer” for Rochelle. In this instance, she brings along an uninvited hitchhiker!

I really enjoyed rereading this story – apologies to you all (and especially to Al!) for having it down for so long. (And yes, next I have to restore Gifford’s story.)

Hope you enjoy either rereading or reading for the first time Buying the Stairway to Heaven!