The Great Leap ForwardOoops! I made another eBook! I’ve decided to call the collected stories volumes rather than chapters… and now we have Volume 2: The Great Leap Forward, which includes that eponymous chapter from the online series, plus the third chapter Daze, collected into an ebook with some additional artwork and notes. It’s on which has a good reading interface.

This volume picks up weeks from the previous one. Kaycee Jones is finding her place as a first year cadet at Magellan Academy, training with cephalomaid Fatima as they both prepare for, and then run, The Gauntlet against all their fellow cadets. Meanwhile, Sydney based superheroine Go!Anna is on the hunt for a stolen artefact and has her fair share of close calls. Plus, Brelvis – the Brian/Elvis-the-dog hybrid – is finding his way in the world!

If Volume 1: Wannabe is the opening shot, Volume 2: The Great Leap Forward is we kick things up a notch. Oh, and, there’s a double page bonus art pic right near the end you may not have seen before.

It’s free to read for the time being so please check it out now – read: The Great Leap Forward eBook!