Due to “reasons” it’s taken me much longer than I anticipated to get this story, in online book form, published to ISSUU.

In my most recent attempt, as I discovered a few months ago, the Bad Karma storyline, which weighs in at 300 pages, plus covers, intros, etc… was too big for my ISSUU account. On one hand, I would have preferred to upload in its full glory… but wasn’t prepared to pay them the ridiculous amount required to upgrade. My solution was to cut the story into seperate volumes… part 1 and part 2.

Here is part 1! The concluding half should be available shortly, followed by Worst Field Trip Ever, Buying the Stairway to Heaven, Redux, Olga & Brelvis, Dr Spooky & the Case of the Missing Corpse, and much more!

Personally, I find reading ISSUU publications in full screen from a desktop, laptop, or largish tablet device to be a good comic “book” reading experience… of course, your mileage may vary. Hope you enjoy it!