A bad day for Charisma...As you probably noticed, I’m (slowly) publishing Magellan chapters and stories as collected volume ebooks on Issuu. This process is a stepping stone to (finally) printing those books. For the moment, it’s an extra way that people can access and read the comic, particularly for those not into the “download-page-by-page” process of webcomics. Right now, I’m finalising Bad Karma (part 2) – that is, from pages 151 through 300.

Since I’m designing these volumes as if they were physical books, I’m including back covers –  which have several short non-spoiler quotes by readers about the comic and/or story.

For example, here are the quotes from the back jacket of The Great Leap Forward

Magellan defies the conventions of traditional superhero-ism, and actually tries to make sense scientifically. Crowley has really worked things out in the background, and the characters are believably portrayed. Flawed. With quirks and habits. Human despite their inhumaness, you know?.”

“AAAAH! It’s so exiting! I can’t wait to see what  happens! Who’s going to win? Will Charisma get to Kaycee? And Fatima  is awesome! I can’t wait to learn more about the characters, and see  where this is all heading to. Plus Councilor Joffe seems to have some kind of dark secret!”

“I love ensemble pieces… I love seeing teammates grow together, learn together and get closer. Magellan gave me all of that. It’s a very rich world, with a ‘gathering of the new generation’ vibe going on and wonderful nods to the old heroes and a broader universe.”

“Magellan keeps reminding me, not of X-Men or Legion, but the great old Tom Corbett Space Cadet stories, and the Showcase series where Tommy Tomorrow was a cadet. (This is high praise, by the way.  It means you’ve transcended your genre.).”

Cool, huh? And all true of course 🙃

Any takers for Bad Karma? I’m only after four or so. I guess I could make them up but I rather they be authentically from readers and/or reviewers.

Please leave your three to five sentence quotes in the comments below. Feel free to leave longer if you want but I’ll only use portions of it for the back jacket. 🙂 Many thanks in advance!