20th anniversaryCrazy as it may seem… next year – March 2024 – will mark 20 years since I kicked off Magellan! This is, no doubt, a momentous  occasion but, because I’m somewhat crap at celebrating anniversaries – even my own birthday – it’s one I’m not quite sure how to mark  just yet!

Sure, the obvious milestone… getting to the end of PaRARGdox… would be a start! I’d also like to have recommenced and finished the Epoch Family vote incentive series… which I so unceremoniously dumped into hiatus back during one of the COVID lockdowns.

However something more significant is obviously called for. But what?

I know some readers have been here since the start, some have come and gone (maybe even more than once!), some have only just recently joined in. But for everyone who has read the comic and enjoyed it over the months and years, I’m hugely appreciative!

This post is simply an acknowledgement of an impending anniversary… and my intention to celebrate it somehow. Stay tuned!!!