Due to “even more reasons” it took me waaaaay too long to get the second half of Bad Karma onto ISSUU.

As noted in a previous post, the full 300+ pages of Bad Karma was too big for my ISSUU account. My solution was to chop the story into two seperate volumes… part 1 and part 2. While a decent idea, it required me to put together a new intro, new internal and jacket art and text. (Technically, I didn’t have to, but I chose to.)

Anyway, here is part 2! Now to finalise Worst Field Trip Ever, Buying the Stairway to Heaven, Redux, Olga & Brelvis, Dr Spooky & the Case of the Missing Corpse, and much more!

While I find reading ISSUU publications in full screen from a desktop, laptop, or largish tablet device to be a good comic “book” reading experience your mileage may vary. Hope you enjoy it!