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Magellan is a free serialised superhero webcomic by Grace Crowley - it usually updates one page a week, sometimes more, sometimes less - as the fates dictate. There's a lot of great reading in the archives with over 1,000 pages online. [PG13+: Magellan contains mature themes, swears, some violence plus a spot of non-rude nudeness and so might not be suitable for children!]


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The least you need to know...
There's a lot going on in Magellan and a fair bit of back story running behind the main action. This guide should help you get a handle on the main points.

Not only is this webcomic titled Magellan, the name is used in a whole variety of ways throughout. So what is the story behind the name...?

  Magellan - the man/hero/myth
Magnus "Magellan" Mitchell was a superhero in the 1960s thru 1972 - his principle powers were strength, flight and invulnerability. Magellan died in 1972 during a Q'Arth demon invasion in Moscow. His sacrifice saved Earth and humanity from near certain destruction.
[See: 4.04-4.07]
Magnus "Magellan" Mitchell

  Force Magellan
Following his death, Magellan's super powered colleagues from the International Justice Force (IJF) rebranded themselves as Force Magellan. The seven point star, previously the symbol on Magellan's costume, became the logo of Force Magellan. The membership roster has changed over the years but the group continues to this day.
Magellan Insignia

  Magellan Island
Force Magellan is based on a Pacific island. Almost 100 square kilometers in size, the island was named Magellan Island. Its exact location remains a secret from the world at large, although its actual existence does not.
[See: 1.19]
Magellan Island

  Magellan Justice Academy
An Academy was established at Magellan Island to train super-hero aspirants in the various aspects of law, combat and team work. The course takes six years. Graduates operate as superheroes in signatory countries and include the Magellan star insignia in their costume design. The story principally follows Kaycee Jones, a young woman with no actual super powers, as she commences her cadetship.
[See: 1.48]

  Other Magellan Forces
Regionally based branches of Force Magellan have been established in other countries: Magellan USA (United States); Oz Magellan (Australasia); Euro Magellan (Europe); Sino Magellan (China), etc.
Oz Magellan featured in Chapter 5; Magellan USA (New York) in Redux.

The cast list is HUGE!
If it sounds like there are a lot of characters... there are! But please don't let that put you off - check out the extensive and (usually never) up-to-date cast page.


Not another @#$% superhero comic?!
Sure, the genre's been done to death, and then some. But as far as comics are concerned, it's a first love for me. As a kid I always wanted there to be people out there that could fly, stop trains in their tracks and beat the crap out of evil do-ers. Possibly I didn't get out much, but that's another story.

I might add at this point that Magellan was around well before Sky High and Avengers Academy, and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but (obviously) not before the X-Men. Conceptually, Magellan actually owes a bit more to Hogwarts than Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The original idea was for a school where the aspiring superhero could study everything about being a super-hero... and then grew into something more than that, more like an entire publishing line squashed down into a single title.

One of my fave scenes in X2 was where Logan and Bobby Drake chatted over a root beer in the x-mansion kitchen (before all hell broke loose!). I prefer 'Slim Jim' depictions of Cyclops and Spiderman rather than mega-muscular versions. I kinda think skimpy costumes on jumbo breasted women serve no practical purpose. Some of my favorite Batman books are the ones that aren't directly about him (and no, I'm not being sarcastic, I dig Bats) - especially Gotham Central. I love comics that can mix humour, action and real human relationships and emotions. I don't know how much of a picture this paints about where I might be coming from with Magellan but these concepts are pointing me in that direction.

Magellan ties together a number of loose threads for me - old ideas and new ideas and ideas that evolved as I worked with them. When I first started the concept for this story, it's scope was much much smaller than what it has become. Kaycee Jones didn't exist in the original treatment and yet, somehow she has become one of the central characters. As have others, and I hope their stories, as they unfold over the coming months, are entertaining and prove there is still a bit of life left in the superhero genre.

Grace -


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