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Chroner Redux: And now our flashback from 2 years ago, pops forward a couple of days as future Billy (Victory Man 2) Banks and future Kaycee (Maverick) Jones debriefs Force Magellan about the ins and outs of the DragonKlaw and Miasma shenanigans that were all part of the Bad Karma storyline. You can see part of that briefing from page 4.281.

In addition to Force Magellan’s Vertigo, Hoodoo (in her pre-red costume), The Hierophant, Epoch, Tros and Ranger Bill… the guests include Lord Psiot VIII (prior to him assuming his father’s helm as seen in Lock(e)down); Red Centre and The Man Who Can from Oz Magellan; Go!Anna; future Nadine (Speedlines) Turner and future Brelvis (Mongrel) Lonsdog; and Doc Philos.

Coming soon: For the next Families/Cемьи featuring Red Vlad, Comrade Katya, Epoch, and Charisma will be the next voter incentive story… but probably not kicking off until March. Stay tuned!

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