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Jupiter!: And now we pop forward two years – to present day. Why look, it’s Dr Beatrix Grainger and Bruce-93 again… but now at Jupiter! Surely no bad will come from this.

I envisage, that in the Magellan world, a lot of Magellan tech and science is kept out of public circulation. Due to prohibitive cost or due to potential application as a weapon. This is why you see hover things at Magellan Island but not in the world at large. As you can imagine it would cause significant resentment and envy in some corners of the world… especially trillionaire Noam Dion, founder of Prometheus Genesis Corp.

Coming soon: Families/Cемьи featuring Red Vlad, Comrade Katya, Epoch, and Charisma will be the next voter incentive story… kicking off March. Stay tuned!

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