Robomat: OK, this is the last time we’ll hop back and forth in time… back to six hours before the apocalypse of the previous page. And our day starts off fairly innocent enough… we visit Olga, Jasmeen, Sun, Brelvis and Ornuk – currently second year cadets – in the training facility otherwise known as the robomat.You should be fairly familiar with Olga (formerly octogenarian telepath Gola Beh, de-aged and stripped of decades of memory) and Brelvis (human/canine genetic meld). Jasmeen is a witch, Sun uses magnetic fields and Ornuk is a shapeshifter. The first appearances of those latter three was technically in the Olga & Brelvis mini-series, and we saw more from Jasmeen in The Olaf Mystery.

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Families/Cемьи: New voting incentive featuring Red Vlad, Comrade Katya, Epoch, and Charisma kicks off March 1 (around 5pm Sydney time, 1am New York Time). Stay tuned!

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