Padma strikes back: Gosh, okay, here is the next page of Magellan! Woo! Picking up exactly where we left off. Padma strikes back!

Thank you for hanging in there while I got my head out of my butt. I really needed to figure a few things about the story – I had been concerned it wasn’t working. Having reread it all I was actually happier with it than I expected to be. So that was a plus! At any rate I needed to be OK with the story and sort out a few kinks for what is to come.

And yeas, I should have been much, much, much better with my communication, I seriously need to work on that. Thank you for your good natured commentary in the Left Hanging page… I’ve unpublished the page but kept all the comments.

Sorry it took so long, but here we are back into it. I hope to pick up the momentum again. On the plus side I am buffered up with three weeks of two updates each in the cache.

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 118 is now up…

Next update: Wednesday August 4, 2021: Sit-rep?