Remember Magellan USA?: Go!Anna is finally contacted by Twilight from Magellan USA – as you might remember, as noted by Twilight… she and her teammates were zapped and wrapped by Prometheus Corp as seen on pages 7.73-75. We last saw rookie She-Hog and sixth year cadet placement Full Metal Frog going to their rescue on pages 7.97-98. Apologies if you were expecting to see the bust up/break out in all it’s violent glory but ploy dynamics demand we move onto the next elements of the story… primarily what Prometheus Corp may have inadvertently bequeathed the Rarg.

Just a few other notes… if I had my up-to-date version of the cast page live, you might have been able to know ahead of time that the first name of speedster and Euro Magellan (and Fast Club) member Phlache is Zadie. Go!Anna/Annie graduated Magellan Academy the same year as Phlache… as we saw in the opening pages of The Things That Matter.

Also, Annie is unaware that Kaycee and Charisma are on the Euro Jet, hence her apparent lack of concern over Cadets Jones and Epoch.

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