Meet the bots…: I figure that – considering the damage inflicted on bots in the robomat, along with the various sizes and shapes required – special ones are mostly printed on site to specs. Also, even though there are powered superbots they are not accessible to junior cadets without supervision. So Olga, Jasmeen, Sun, Brelvis and Ornuk need to make do with an A.I. scenario rather than the real deal.

Given they are up against some formidable class mates, even the A.I. sim will be enough to test them! The classmates in this instance are Olaf who we were familiarised with in The Olaf Mystery. The others – Momo, J.J., Kyunda and Dylan were really only spotted on the last page of Olga & Brelvis… although J.J. was seen using his null powers on page 6.203. As for the others…

  • Kyunda can divide into multiples of himself, but the multiples always have the same sum total weight as his full self.
  • Dylan is a Wyld, and has a savage wylding form in addition to her human form.
  • Momo is an extraterrestrial, with six optic lasers (take that Cyclops!).

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