Meatball surgery…!: Huzzah, a new page. Some pages are so easy, they can be drawn in a couple of hours, lettered and coloured and online within a few more hours… this was not one of those pages. Maybe I’m getting old or just have unrealistic expectations but wow did it take much longer than I expected… frames 1 and 4 are the main culprits, taking several hours to draw each. How is that possible?! Anyway, it’s finished and online now! Next few pages look simpler so will hopefully sooner without such a lengthy interval. Thanks for standing by.

I readily admit this page doesn’t advance a lot of the story, although it does explain where the med supplies are coming from – way back in Chapter 4 it was established that the medbay is in one of the central towers, which have been destroyed by the Rarg… Dr Chandra must have been out getting an espresso or something.

Meatball surgery?: That’s a phrase I picked up watching an episode of M.A.S.H. back when I was a kid. Front line surgeons would do enough to keep the injured alive long enough to get them on the choppers and flown into the M.A.S.H. unit.

Poor Charisma…: We deviously touch on a sore point for Charisma and that is Billy and his feelings towards Kaycee. This is a horribly underdeveloped story thread, but it has popped up from time to time (most notably in Chapter 4).

Who is that random second year?: That’s Dylan helping Doc Chandra. She has only been a cameo here and there – introduced fleetingly in the Olga & Brelvis series, and was name dropped as having a “wylding form” back on page 5.12.

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 129 is now up – page 130 soon…

Next update: Wednesday October 13, 2021: Just what should Ambrosia know? I know I keep setting Wednesday updates and then missing them, that’s the logistics of my day job at the moment but I remain optimistic I can make this coming Wednesday, this time around.