Pre-briefing: So Kaycee is likely thinking that Ambrosia might not be up to the task of dealing with a long time-slip. The main problem for any time traveller – even one that can actually travel through time, albeit only one minute within their own consciousness – is convincing people a future thing is going to happen, and that they’re not bonkers. Of course, most people know Ambrosia can travel back one minute… but several hours? Especially after always saying she can’t? Anyway, regardless of that, Kaycee’s realised there’s no point in Ambrosia going back and not knowing enough to really make a difference. But how to make her realise that without tipping one’s hat and revealing the plan??

Rochelle’s “suicide” mission: Rochelle’s lime-looped attack on a Rarg can be found in the sequence starting on page 7.65!

Alas, poor Morgana…: RWe’ve seen Ambrosia encounter at least one dead friend, fellow first-year cadet Morgana… see page 7.81.

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 130 is now up – page 131 soon…

Next update: Sunday October 17, 2021: Where’s Brelvis been? The answer probably won’t surprise you.