Rochelle to the rescue!: Some people were wondering if Rochelle was going to show them how to kill Rarg via her kick-them-over-release-the-helmet-latch method… but why bother, when you have a rifle? Turns out she’s a pretty good shot, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from her.

Grandfather Paradox: This was one hell of a page to draw and colour… many hours of work, but I’m glad I got it done, because the last frame of this page – and “Grandfather Paradox” – has been driving me forward to this point for many, many weeks. I’d say this is the “granddaddy of time travel paradoxes” but that would be a terrible pun, so I won’t. Anyway, Rochelle needs a paradox to prevent Ambrosia’s hours long time-slip from creating a new timeline, and the Grandfather Paradox is key to that.

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 135 is now up – page 136 soon…

Next update: November 15/16: Rarg incoming!