Rallying the troops: Gotta say, I’m pretty happy with how that third panel turned out… it was worth it, even if it did take several hours to draw, colour and shade…! There’s a mix there of first through fourth year cadets… for newcomers, the uniform colour is the give-away. Purple for first year, blue for second, red for third and teal for fourth… although the tall alien in the space suit Chiq is also a third year cadet. That means at least third years (11 if you include Rochelle)… not a bad survival average for red shirts.

Anyway… there’s also a little side story that’s been going on with Olga and Olaf. A few spoiler pointers for new readers (or those requiring a recap)… Olga is really Gola Beh, a de-aged amnesiac former 1970s superhero now secretly presenting as her own “great-niece”. Read Redux for that. Olaf is a bit of a mystery… fellow cadet Yasmeen Jafari has been convinced Olaf is up to no good (read The Olaf Mystery), and expressed her suspicions to Olga back on page 7.13 (and some subsequent pages). Sadly for Yasmeen, she did in fact die and get resurrected by Olaf…. Olaf said it was essentially “no big deal” (page 7.83) before she died again (see pages 7.99-100)! The end of the world might see an odd moment for this discussion… but I guess it had to happen at some time.

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