A rough time-landing: As many readers have presumed… Ambrosia might have some difficulty convincing people she has gone back more than one minute… and also, several other characters have slipped back with her.

We find Olga, roughly in Ambrosia’s vicinity – she was in the Cafeteria with Sun and Jasmeen on page 7.41 when the alarm went off. Rochelle was at the swimming complex with Fatima and Sioni and others on page 7.42. Kaycee and Charisma were at Largo Castle – see page 7.43, although they were closer to an exit there than they are here. And Go!Anna was with Force Magellan and Dane – we saw them moments before the alert sounds on page 7.38.

It’s great they’re back and everyone is still alive… but it’s mere minutes until the Rarg attack…!!

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Next update: July 17, 2022: Action stations – confusion reigns!